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  • Home Brand Adidas Adidas Martial Arts Adidas Martial Arts Gloves Adidas MMA Gloves Ultimate Fight adiCSG041 BUY ADIDAS MMA GLOVES ULTIMATE FIGHT ADICSG041 ARTICLE #adiCSG041 CHOOSE РАЗМЕР: M S M CHOOSE COLOR: Black BLACK BLUE RED YELLOW In stock $61.51 BUY ТАБЛИЦА РАЗМЕРОВ | SIZE CHART | Adidas CATEGORIES: Adidas Martial Arts Gloves MMA Боевые Перчатки > Brand ▢ > Adidas ▢ > Adidas Единоборства ▢ > Adidas Единоборства Перчатки ▢ > Adidas MMA Перчатки Ultimate Fight adiCSG041 Overview Features Reviews ADIDAS MMA GLOVES ULTIMATE FIGHT ADICSG041 MIXED MARTIAL ARTS | GLOVES | OPEN PALM | GRAPPLING Description: Mixed Martial Arts Combat Gloves Ultimate Fight Gloves. Lightweight, durable and reliable are the three words that describe these gloves. The gloves have a stylish design in vibrant colors with a contrasting adidas logo on the striking part of the glove. Made of genuine cowhide with black foam inserts. I-Protech ® composite foam foam liner is used as a filler. This is a composite molded high-pressure foam liner IMF (Intelligent Mold Foam Technology), which provides a uniform level of shock absorption, which guarantees perfect protection for your hands. Gloves have open fingers and a palm. This allows the athlete to perform various painful, suffocating techniques, as well as throws. Reinforced Velcro cuff 6.5 cm wide. Tightly fixes the glove on the hand. Internal material with I-COMFORT + ® technology, which gives the material anti-allergenic and anti-slip properties. Provides fast evaporation of liquid from the surface of the hands. The technology provides maximum comfort to the athlete. Approved by UFC. Velcro closure. Enhanced brush protection I-Protech® Technology. I-COMFORT + ® Technology. Open thumb. Cuff width 6.5 cm. Genuine cowhide / polyurethane.